5 Meditation Types And Techniques You Should Know

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5 Meditation Types And Techniques You Should Know

Meditation types and techniques are pretty hazy to common people. I mean that those people who really involve meditation in their lives will do some deep research and study before doing the meditation. But, I don’t suggest reading or understanding the entire research about meditation to you right now. Otherwise, I try summarizing those researches for you. This article might help you who really want to know about the types and techniques of meditation. First off, I would like to discuss about the types of mediation before going to talk about techniques. Without further ado, let’s go to the first technique.


The first type of meditation is concentration. It may seem very simple. But, concentration is the heart or important aspect of all meditation types for sure. Of course, there is a reason why concentration becomes important element of meditation. The reason is to achieve the benefits of meditation itself. We know that meditation means focus and concentrate to something or abstract thing. In other words, we have to avoid and skip any distractions surrounding us. As a result, our mind remains calm and focus beyond normal human. We can use this benefit when we are solving some problems in our life. That is why concentration is the best type of meditation. If you are pretty curious about what techniques that belong to this meditation type is such as Zen meditation, Om meditation, and many more.

Reflective Meditation

The second one of meditation types and techniques is called reflective meditation.  For your information, it is regarding the mental process of human. In simple words, it is about how to do disciplined thinking. This type of medication is really connected with the first meditation type, concentration. Reflective meditation requires a full of concentration because you have to focus on the theme, question or topic that you want to think or meditate. It is hard meditation for the beginner because our thought cannot be thinking a single problem only. They may wander to other things, aspects, or elements of our life. That is why we need to train our mind to go back to the topic by using concentration. There is no specific technique for this type of meditation. But, there are several topics that you can do with this type such as the nature of human, purpose of our life, and many more.

Mindfulness Meditation

The next type of meditation with regard to our mind is mindfulness meditation. This meditation is when you have to focus on working and cultivating your attention against anything around yourself. It can be your action that you are going to do or you have done in the past. It also usually includes the object surround yourself. For your information, this is one of the important meditation types and techniques as same as the concentration. You have to be aware to your action next or your surroundings. This meditation is helpful for those who get anxiety and depression problems in their life. Some techniques of mindfulness meditation that you can do are as follow: mindful breathing, walking meditation, sitting, deep breathing and many more.

Heart-Focused Meditation

The heart- focused meditation is really useful in order to get rid of your sad feelings or fears at the same time. Instead, your body and mind are really full of love and bowels. Many meditation experts call this type of meditation as heart chakra meditation as well. If you feel broken in your heart, this meditation is the right thing to do. The technique allows the chakra from your heart to reduce and even remove any negative energy on your body and mind. You need a very quiet area to do this meditation by the way. Then, sit with proper position and concentrate at your heart via breathing. You can exhale and inhale with a period of time.


This is the last meditation type that you have to know as the beginner in this segment is visualization. In this type, you are allowed to focus on several characteristics such as how you appreciate others, how you show your anger and manage it properly, and many more. That is all meditation types and techniques that you should know. Let’s take a look how to meditate in a proper way for beginners below.

What are the benefits?

Before you are going to learn how to do those meditation types and techniques, it is very important for you to understand and know the benefits of meditation. Since it is regarding beginner meditators, I really appreciate my reader with informative things including these benefits. Meditation isn’t far from relaxation because it is the result of meditation itself. There are many studies regarding meditation that has been spreading out over the world. Let’s see them one by one.

Meditation will cure high blood pressure

The bad blood circulation will be reduced

The high heart rate can be lowered by meditation

You might say good bye to excessive perspiration

Anxiety will be managed very well

No more stress and full of relaxation

Another important thing is that some modern studies show that a routine meditation is able to bring positive effect to brain as well as the relaxing the body and mind at the same time. According to the place where meditation was found, Buddhist, they claim that meditation freedom of something that we can’t control easily.

How to Meditate

After all ways of knowing meditation types and techniques, it is necessary to know the simple way in meditation. First of all, please sit anywhere you want and is brought you comfortable feeling. Close both eyes and relax your body. After that, you start focusing your breathing and letting your body move naturally through the breathing. Remember not to control your body. If your mind goes somewhere you don’t want to think, comeback to the breath. Hold this position and activity for five minutes. If you can’t stay for that, start with lesser minutes like two or three minutes instead. Lastly, you can get the result soon. Don’t lose your hope in meditation. It is kind a difficult to do first.

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