How To Lose Weight In A Day In 3 Easy Steps And Natural Ways

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How to lose weight in a day might seem impossible for modern people. Yeah, it is impossible if you don’t do and follow this diet program yet. The answer is yes, it is. The plus point is that you can do it naturally and healthy, but it is temporarily. Although this method makes your weight lighter for a particular time, it is such a good start for you to do a long term diet program and let your body permanently lightweight than before you use this diet. For your information, a good diet is being done gradually, not instantly. It will be going through the process. But, keep reading this article if you insist to get weight loss in a day for your best shape.

I have seen so many people waste their time and money just for destroying their body for a rapid weight loss. They have a wrong way of how to lose weight in a day, and the result is also temporarily or not permanent. Some common problems they caught off are like enemas, diuretics, starving all day long or extreme water depletion. Those diseases come from unhealthy methods, which are also time-wasting. There are many natural method and safe, of course, to lose your weight temporarily including the one that I share in this article. You can reduce around five to seven pounds jus in a day. Thus, your photoshoots will be successful in the best shape of your body.

Before Getting Started

Before we are going through to the method of how to lose weight in a day, I have to explain to you all that the weight loss of your body may be different with my result. Once again, all effects or results depends on several factors like gender, muscle mass, age, and many more that I can’t mention here. But, the formula is that the more your fat is, the lesser result you will gain. So, this trick is recommended for those who have less-significant body weight. I know when we are going bigger and bigger, it will never look comfortable on the mirror. In addition, this one is temporarily. Don’t get surprised when you find your body to normal weight. Let’s go to the first step.

Step 1: No More Sodium

Sodium is your enemy so that please don’t eat any food containing the sodium within it a day before you lose your weight. Otherwise, your pounds will never be lost after all. In my experience, sodium may bring you some pounds a day after you ate it especially when you did nothing after eating it. On other hand, you can reduce a couple pounds in a day without eating sodium. That’s simple. The question pops out about what kind of food that contains this sodium? If you aren’t familiar with sodium, it is another name of salt. It means that you should avoid adding salt on your food. Salty foods are also considered as sodium such as canned soups, snacks and many more. You might notice how much salt on your food because sodium doesn’t necessarily salty if it was mixed in your meal. Some other foods that you usually don’t notice containing sodium is as follow: diet sodas, breads, frozen foods, spaghetti sauce, etc. Those foods don’t taste salty, but they do contain sodium.

Step 2: Consume Watermelon

Many people have misconception about watermelon. They don’t even think that it is the next method how to lose weight in a day. People may think eating watermelon will trigger high glucose for our sugar since this fruit is sweet and high in fructose. I have to say that you are wrong. Because of its ingredient is mostly water, watermelon owns the slowest absorption in our body. It won’t get insulin spikes easily that usually come when you eat sweet food. If you really need to take a pee in releasing some toxins in your body, eating watermelon will work as natural diuretic. So, what is the point with reducing some weights? Since there is much water inside our body, it makes our stomach bloated. Thus, we can make it go by some watermelons naturally overnight.  In my experience, my loss weight is about three to five pounds a day after eating watermelon.

Step 3: Get Up on Your Leg

Since we keep trying to release water from our body, get your leg up while sleeping is the next way how to lose weight in a day. This time, we play with gravity. As we know, fluids or water tend to go down to the lower place. If you raise your leg up, the water will go down to other parts of body. This is effective to release some water on lower parts of body like tight or ankle. Hence, you just need to elevate your leg while sleeping. You will see the result in the next morning and take a look at your lower body. The shape will be better than before. The point is that you should maintain this position all night long. It won’t be a problem if you are easily falling asleep.

That is all steps how to lose weight in a day. This method focuses on how to release all water in our body so that the shape will be better in the next morning. The steps will release the sodium intake, trigger natural diuretics, and reduce water on the lower parts of body. For your information, the side effect of this method is not too danger if you directly eat some foods containing high potassium. We will lose so much potassium when there is no water in our body. You can see some fruits like beans, potatoes, or peas in order to bring back the loss potassium after using this method. Please don’t do this method when you are sick or in not a good condition because it may be worse. At the same time, you have done a good jump start to do some diet program after doing those steps. Please don’t do it in a row because it won’t bring extra weight loss.

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