How To Lose 5 Pounds In A Week Healthy and Naturally without Severe Pain

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It always tantalizes us to know how to lose 5 pounds in a week, doesn’t it? Having a healthy body weight should be a dream for every human in this world. Did you know that gaining or achieving what your body shape right now hasn’t been done in a day? It means that it is obvious to lose our weight in a gradual process as well. We just can’t shape our fat just in an hour or even a day unless you got plastic surgery, which isn’t natural and doesn’t seem good in the future. So, let’s make it as natural as possible. I would give you a week to lose your five pounds with my healthy and natural method right here right now.

What Healthy Weight Loss Is

You should know how to lose 5 pounds in a week, but you also must know what healthy weight loss is. I have aforementioned about how unnatural the plastic surgery is. You might gain the body weight that you want in a short process, but it is only your mind or thought. What about your body’s opinion to this surgery? Of course, it is unhealthy since there are plentiful medication that you need to consume every day in maintain the weight or shape. So, what I want to show here is to understand that healthy weight loss is more preferable rather than using medication or surgery.

In addition, you shouldn’t have done special exercise or diet because it forces your body instead, but otherwise make the process as smooth as possible so that your body mind and body accept your new look in a healthful way. It is just to change your lifestyle because it will never be difficult to do for you. You can manage it easily every day unlike doing exercise that may harm your muscle and condition.

Best Ways to Lose Weight

After knowing how important the healthy weight loss, it is time to know the best ways of how to lose 5 pounds in a week. First of all, our body is different each other. It means that every of you have your own way to treat yourself especially in losing the weight. For your information, body weight is affected by several factors such as genetics, age, and even gender. This is the reason why you have to learn about measuring how much calorie that is balance for your body. Of course, physical activity also follows the diet program. So, what I mean here is to find the best diet and exercise that suit with your body, not following my instructions or other people’s because our body is different once again. But, getting inspired by others is the correct way to say it.

Back to the topic of how to lose 5 pounds in a week, we start from the very basic way first. You do have to reduce the calorie of your body every day, which we usually gain from foods. It is called the concept of calorie balance. The reducing calorie activity in simple saying is called calorie deficit. You can either reduce what you eat or do some exercise. Doing both may give better result by the way. For your information, a human needs to burn around 3,500 calories to reduce a pound of his or her weight. In other words, you would cut off 17,500 calories for 5 pounds or 2,500 calories in a day. It sounds a difficult way, doesn’t it?

To make it simpler, I have an example for you. Let’s say there is an active woman who is 23 years old and actively a career woman. Her weight is about 125 pounds. With her daily and busy activities in a day, she needs about 2,000 calories to run her day. Moreover, she does some exercises and low-impact aerobics through her activities like walking and talking. In result, she only cuts 600 to 700 calories in a day. In other words, she would need more activities to cut off around 1,900 calories remaining, which aren’t suit and safe for her body and diet. It would end her life as well because of tiredness.

How Danger A Fast and Quick Weight Loss

If we were the woman from my example previously, we would still do the weight loss program instead. Did you know that that quick weight loss may leave you with some complications or pains? Let’s see what possibilities that the woman would gain if she kept running the program into the maximum number of burning 17,900 calories in a week. The best possible effect of the dangerous and quick weight loss is to attack the nutritional effect of her body. Calories are the best riding of nutrients to fulfill our body healthiness. If she burns the calories rapidly in a day, she may have malnourished body. A lack of iron deficiency may cause tiredness all day long, while lack of Vitamin C will make our skin dry. In addition, the gallstone will also get the effect of malnutrition.

I Know the Danger and the Consequence so What is the Strategy now?

So, how to lose 5 pounds in a week safely, healthy, and naturally without losing so much nutrients for our body? The answer is by using these strategies. The first strategy is not too focused on the calories that you eat every day. Then, what is the point of my preaching about calorie deficit before? It is helpful to know how much calorie that you consume or burn in a day. I just want to inform you in a clear way so that you know how many calorie that you need to burn AFTER you are used to do the diet or exercise. I know how hard it is when we strict our foods. Thus, not too focus on the calorie will help the beginner or common people for sustainable lifestyle changes in the future.
The next strategy of how to lose 5 pounds in a week is to start an exercise program. In a week, you have to write down a list of exercise program that you must do every day. I don’t want to suggest any sports or exercise you should do but a 150-to-250 minute exercise per week would bring positive impact to your weight.

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