2 Healthy Egg Breakfast Recipes for Your Energy Sources in the Morning

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It isn’t impossible for us to cook healthy egg breakfast if we know how to add healthy stuff within the egg. For your information, I have been cooking and eating egg every day for years and it still continues even until now. I never get bored with my egg recipes because I vary the recipes every day. As a result, I am not only enjoying the egg, but also take the healthy benefits from my cooks or recipes. That is why I always spend my money to buy egg at the store or market every time I go to those places whether or not I cook the eggs. It is such my habit now.

Because cooking egg is my habit and also hobby in my spare time or breakfast, I do care with the calories and other nutrients that are consisted inside the egg. Based on my research on the internet, a big or large egg is able to provide 77 calories, 5g fat, and 6g protein. Meanwhile, my favorite part of egg, the yolks, contains some vitamins like vitamin B, omega 3, amino acids that are good for our body, the whites of egg are the powerhouse of protein as well. Some people only eat the whites and set aside the yolks. They do remove the cholesterol or fat without the yolks but they also get rid of important nutritional benefits at the same time. Thus, it is necessary to eat the entire egg for healthy purposes.

Now, let’s start seeking my favorite and quick recipes for healthy egg breakfast. I also put the ingredients and how to cook them for you exclusively.

Egg White Breakfast Burrito

The quickest way to cook healthy egg breakfast is to prepare it in the form of burrito. Yes, it is really fast if you are used to make it every morning. You can get bunches of protein from this recipe. Thanks to some ingredients like the egg whites, bell peppers and also turkey bacon. Let’s see the detail ingredients below. Before you start reading, this burrito is ready to serve for one piece only. You can increase the amounts if you want to.


Olive oil                                                            1 tablespoon

Chopped red onion                                         1 tablespoon

Red, green, yellow bell pepper                     1 tablespoon each

Egg whites                                                        3 eggs or 1/3 cup

Wheat flour tortilla                                          1 or 8 inches

Cooked and Chopped Turkey bacon             1 slice

Fresh tomato                                                     2 tablespoon

How to Cook

Now, it is time to cook this healthy egg breakfast recipe. Prepare the ingredients first. Afterwards, you can start warming the olive oil on nonstick skillet. The heat should be medium to high. Then, gather all bell pepper and onion and put them into skillet. Cook them all and don’t forget mixing them frequently for two until three minutes. Check the texture of the mixture until it is soft. Prepare the egg whites and add them into the mixture as well. Cook the eggs as same as you cook the union and bell pepper mixture for two until three minutes. Once the eggs and previous mixture are ready to serve, it means that you have to get the tortilla and put the mixture onto it. Roll the tortilla until it looks like a burrito. Your fast and one-grab burrito is ready now.

Nutritional contents

This healthy egg breakfast recipe contains several nutrition and vitamins. The calories are only 346cal, which mean less than 400 calories. It is enough to make you feel full in the morning but not the fullest one. The fat is 19 gram, while the saturated fat is at 3 gram. This burrito consists of carbohydrate as the highest container. It reaches 27 grams and protein is for 16 grams.

 Egg White Scramble with Chicken

The next healthy egg breakfast recipe allows some leftover chicken as the secondary ingredients beside of the egg whites. Once again, your morning will be full of protein with the scramble eggs. For your information, scramble eggs are one of favorite egg recipes these days. It combines the eggs and a little milk into a mixture before frying with nonstick skillet. I believe your morning will be more enjoyable in a hush. Without further ado, check out the ingredients below that serve for one time serving. I usually did it for twelve minutes including the preparation time for five minutes.


Big egg whites                                                                 6 eggs or 2/3 cup

Cooked and diced chicken breast                                3 oz

Sliced parmesan cheese                                                3 tablespoons

Salt and black pepper (optional)

Chopped basil leaves (optional)                                   3 leaves

Nonstick cooking spray

How to Cook

After all ingredients are ready, you can start cooking this healthy breakfast recipe now. Take and give heat to your nonstick skillet. Afterwards, spray it over medium to low heat. Put the egg whites into skillet. Cook the eggs for three or four minutes. Keep in mind to stir the mixture constantly. When the eggs are almost ready, set the chicken breast and cheese. Add them into your a half-cooked egg whites. Cook the mixture until the eggs are set or ready to serve. If you have already prepared the optional ingredients, it means you need to season the pepper and salt, and put the basil leaves as the garnish. If it is difficult to find basil leaves, there are more optional garnishes that you can bring to your plate such as parsley, arugula or chives. Feel free to do experimentation.

Nutritional Contents

Inside this healthy egg breakfast meal, you can find several important nutrients that you should now their amounts. They are 285 calories, 6 grams of fat, 79 mg of cholesterol, 561 mg of sodium and the highest one, 52g of protein.


What do you think about my two favorite healthy egg breakfast recipes today? Are they easy for you? Of course, you can try them all after reading this article. Eggs are always healthy especially when it comes to protein powerhouse. Please check twice times before you buy the eggs in the market or store in order to make sure they are all in good condition.

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