4 Healthy Chicken Wraps Review and Tips

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Eating healthy chicken wraps could be a delicious and healthy method in enjoying the food, which is mostly hated by many people who are advancing a diet program. In addition, the chicken wrap size is also pretty small as same as your hand. It is a perfect meal when you really have no time to eat big size meal on the go. That is why people tend to seek for chicken wraps as their popular option these days. But, not all chicken wraps are healthy. There are also some wraps that contain full of cholesterols and calories. Thus, it is a tricky choice when you can’t cook your own wraps. To manage healthy wraps, here are some products of chicken wraps for your healthy life.

Marks and Spencer Count on Us Nacho Chicken Wrap

The first one of healthy chicken wraps comes with beautiful package and colorful appearance. We couldn’t be patient to open and try the chicken wrap from Marks and Spence County on Us Nacho. In addition, it combines the vegetables and chicken completely. The appearance of this chicken wrap added extra points to our eyes. So, that is one of the reasons why we put it on number one list today. Here are other reasons why it is the best.

The smell was spreading to our nose when we opened the pack. The combination between herbs and spices didn’t take our time too much in processing it to become our lovely lunch. Then, we tried to taste our lunch with this chicken wrap. Overall, it was a delicious chicken wrap recipe that we have ever eaten so far. However, it does include much calorie inside but it is less than 450 calories. The exact number is at 300 calories, and the fat is only 4.6 grams. The texture was also crispy when we chewed it up. Our conclusion is that the chicken wrap of this brand is as delicious as its price. For your information, it is the most expensive one in our list today.

Boots Shaper Barbecue Chicken Wrap

Our next target to be tested was Boots Sharper Barbecue. This time, we wanted to make a barbecue party in our home, and chicken wrap was of course the main ingredients. Thanks to the barbecue sauce that was included in the colorful pack of this product. Although the smell of that sauce came up for the first time we wrapped the pack, we didn’t smell any other thing expect it but who doesn’t like the barbecue sauce smell after all? The idea of making barbecue with chicken wrap salad was perfect. As we know, the taste of chicken salad is always flat and tedious surely. But, the sauce changed it all. Our chicken salad became tastier and we do love it so much.

What about the healthy chicken wraps? Is this brand in it? Of course, it is healthy as your lunch surely. The fat is only 4.9g and 283 calories. The texture is also as crunchy as the first chicken wrap product. What makes it become the second list is because not all people love barbecue sauce after all.

Morrisons Eat Smart Chicken Fajita Wrap

If you look for healthy chicken wraps, always check at the calories and fat on its package. This method helps you consider how healthy it is, at least. Our third product of chicken wrap isn’t as attractive as the previous brands. But, our tasters do love the fresh salad inside the package. It is something promising to our next scoring surely. The smell was also not our type. We mean that there’s nothing special as we found on the previous brands. Once we tasted the wrap, we didn’t find any other taste but a sharp spicy chicken wrap. Perhaps, it suits for spicy lovers. But, we didn’t like how spicy it is since the taste isn’t natural chicken wrap. Although it owns the same concept with the barbecue sauce, but we think it is too much and overpowered.

The texture doesn’t offer crunchy wrap. Moreover, it isn’t as fresh as the other two brands. Overall, this product didn’t surprise us. Instead, it made us drink more water. For the healthy stuff, Morrisons Eat Smart Chicken Fajita Wrap has promising elements. The fat is only 4.0 grams, while the calories are255 calories.

Boots Shapers Red Thai Chicken Wrap

The name of this product reminds us about Asian traditional food. Red Thai chicken wrap is the next product from Boot Sharpers. Let’s see whether or not they wrapped this product as same as the previous one. The packaging is pretty tedious and very simple. There isn’t colorful stuff as the barbecue chicken wrap. Thus, we skipped the appearance inspection and go to the smell of this product. Unfortunately, we got nothing special on the smell after opening the pack. Once again, we skipped to the taste. After couple minutes thinking and making the recipe, we were ready to eat this last one healthy chicken wraps. The result was disappointed. The tasteful Thai flavors didn’t belong to this product. Instead, we tasted the wrap and felt like chemical perfume. Although this one has the lowest calories and fat, the taste isn’t recommended if you aren’t used to eat Thai chicken wrap or other Thai food. For your information, the wrap owns 234 calories and 3.6 grams of fat. Another info is that the price is cheapest than others in this list.


After all long tasting several products of healthy chicken wraps, we can conclude that the prices will never lie. You can get cheap chicken wrap product as you want but the taste is awful or you want to taste the expensive one with unforgettable chicken wrap in your tongue. We don’t tend to promote something here but we talk about the truth as fair and honest as possible. So, our reader will get informed before considering their best choice of chicken wraps especially on healthy aspects. At last but not least, choose the healthy wraps based on your own preferences. Check the tips that we also included in the article.

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