3 Easy Breakfast Recipes That You Can Try Tomorrow Morning

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3 Easy Breakfast Recipes That You Can Try Tomorrow Morning

Easy breakfast recipes are important to be prepared a night before you cook it in the morning. It means that you have much time to prepare your breakfast a day before. That is my secret in cooking my breakfast these days. However, not all people can do the same. They are too busy to prepare the breakfast a day before they cook. The same coin happens in the morning when they really need to eat their breakfast. Being busy in the morning doesn’t mean you can’t take a break to cook your breakfast. That is why they call it break and fast. Here are the proofs that you can cook your breakfast in the morning.


What if you can cook some cookies an hour before you go to your work? Of course, you can do it after following my instructions of these easy breakfast recipes for you today. The recipe is called “Breakfast Cookies”. I collected it from marthastewart.com. You can see the original recipe as well from the site. This recipe will result some large cookies, which contains every nutrient that you really need as your gasoline in the morning. Thanks to the dried fruit, some oats, and nuts within the cookies. It is such a fast and quick granola bar for you. Read the ingredients thoroughly before you are going to follow the instructions.


All-purpose flour                              2 cups

Whole-wheat flour                         2 cups

Baking soda                                        1 ½ teaspoons

Unsalted butter                                                4 sticks

Dark-brown sugar                            3 cups

Rough Salt                                           a half teaspoon

Large or big eggs                              4 eggs

Vanilla extract                                   1 tbsp and 1 tsp

Rolled oats                                          4 cups

Chopped almonds                           1 cup

Pumpkin seeds                                 ½ cup

Sunflower seeds                              ½ cup

Unsweetened dried coconut      ½ cup

Currants                                               ½ cup

Chopped dried mango                   ½ cup

Chopped dried papaya                  ¼ cup

Banana chips                                      1 cup

How to Cook

Make sure you have an oven, large bowl, and the ingredients before start brewing this magical recipe. Then, give some warm up to your oven by adding 350 degrees of heat firstly. Then, set a large bowl and add flours, salt and baking soda. Churn them all into a mixture. Set aside this flour mixture.

Take another large bowl. Put and mix the butter into the bowl as well. I recommend using a mixer in doing it. The result will be faster and efficient. After the mixture becomes fluffy and soft, add the dark-brown sugar. You can choose normal sugar if you want to.  It is time to add the eggs. Remember that you should do it at once. Always mix them after adding something into the bowl. Lastly, add the vanilla.

Combine the flour mixture and the second mixture in a large bowl. Please do it slowly to mix them easily. After that, you add the remaining ingredients such as seeds, oats, coconut, currants and fruits into the same bowl. Whisk them all until you see a perfect mixture on your bowl. This is the important step whether or not your cookies will be successful on the next step.

You have your dough now with the combination of both mixtures. Then, shape the dough into several cookie forms. If you follow the ingredients that I showed before, you are able to make up to eight cookies of fourteen cookies with a half of cup measurement. After that, prepare the baking sheet. I used two lines. Give banana chips as the topping of the cookies. At last, your cookies are ready to be baked.  How long you cook it depends on the size of the cookies. The 8 cookie measurement requires a half of an hour, while the smaller one only needs twenty five minutes.


There are no other easy breakfast recipes except for this one. Smoothies are the perfect way to give your hunger something to eat especially in the morning. But, your kids might love the smoothies so much. Thus, it is preferred for those who need more energy in doing their activities in the offices or even schools. This recipe relies on avocado as the main ingredients so that the maker named it “Avocado Smoothie”. If the previous is a fast-grab food, this one is probably a fast drink. You don’t need too much ingredients in adding the calories for your breakfast. Here is the proof.


Avocado                              2/3 cup


Lemon Juice


Ripe or mature mango

Ice                                          1 cup

How to Make

It is very easy to make this avocado smoothie. After all ingredients collected, you should blend them all in a blender. The sequence is like this. Firstly, you blend the avocado. Secondly, put the lemon juice after one or two minutes. Thirdly, add other ingredients like mango, honey, etc. That’s all. For your information, this smoothie offers healthy fats that make you feel full. Another important thing is that it contains plentiful potassium. Check other easy breakfast recipes below.


It will be standard if we just eat oatmeal in the morning. But, I will be bored if it is only oatmeal and milk in my bowl. So, I found this one of easy breakfast recipes on the same source. It tells that strawberry is a healthy fruit that includes potassium, vitamin C, and many more. Without further ado, check the ingredients below.


Strawberries                      1 pint

Sugar                                     1 tablespoon

Milk                                       1 ¾ cups

Salt                                         ¼ teaspoon

Sour cream                         1 tablespoon

Oats                                       2 cups

How to Make

Prepare a small bowl. After that, you put a pint of strawberries into it. Of course, you need to clean and slice them firstly. Then, add a tablespoon sugar. Set aside for five minutes. We are going to make the juices.

The next step is to make the juices for our strawberries in the bowl. Heat the saucepan over medium heat. Add 1 ¾ cups of water and milk within the saucepan. Then, churn them with the oats. Stir occasionally until the mixture is creamy. After all, you can combine both bowls right now to enjoy your strawberry oatmeal.  You can add the sour cream now for each serving. It will add more tastes for your morning tongue. That is all easy breakfast recipes for your daily meal.

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