Best Time To Go To The Gym Afternoon and Morning Workout Tips

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While other peoples wake up in the morning and then do some workouts, we just don’t know the best time to go to the gym. Looking for the best time to exercise our body is actually relying on our own thought and strategy. It is similarly as same as doing other activities like going to work, school or something that requires much energy and intention. Of course, workout and exercise are either beneficial or positive for our body and mind. However, having too tight muscle in the morning caused by workout may cause negative effect for us. It is the same with exercising too late that may make you insomnia.

Afternoon Workouts

We start from the afternoon workouts first as the best time to go to the gym. As we know, morning session is the most popular workout session that almost all people know. However, afternoon workout is actually on par with the morning workout as well. According to some research, people who are accustomed to exercise at the same time every day will have better performance than irregular workout session. In other words, sticking to the same and specific time for doing workout will inform our body that we need to be ready at that time unconsciously. As a result, the session will be more optimal with good condition like oxygen, fitness, etc. Most people have a problem in managing and scheduling a workout by the way.

How to Determine the Time

The best time to go to the gym can be either morning or afternoon. One of the secrets how to manage the time is by considering the body temperature of your body. For your information, the body temperature will determine how good your workouts will be. A body with cold temperature isn’t good for a workout. The body in this condition will make the muscles stiffer than before. In addition, it would have the possibilities the sprains higher than normal temperature. Thus, the best time to exercise your body is when the body temperature is high or hot. The muscle will be more flexible so that we can do any exercise we want to.  What is the relation with the afternoon workout? Our body will react quicker and faster in the afternoon. But, the heart rate will be at the lowest condition as same as blood pressure. This condition may reduce the injury for sure. That is why afternoon is suggested to be the best time to go to the gym.


Hormone levels are another important factor that can influence the best time to go to the gym. For example, the growth of our muscle depends on how much testosterone we produce. Based on some research, the very best time when our body produces the higher testosterone is in the noon than in the morning. In addition, the stress hormone cortisol won’t be as higher as morning workout if you go to the gym in the afternoon. FYI, this hormone is very useful to reduce the muscle tissue.


Based on some researches, morning workouts may reduce the sleep apnea problems because those activities will escalate the heart rate quickly as same as the temperature of the body. On other hand, working out in the afternoon might bring sleep problems if the gym-goers did it too late. The snoring is also one of the major problems that may appear after doing some exercise in the afternoon. This is emphasizing how important the time management of doing exercise or workout.

Morning Workouts

After we know how important afternoon workout as the best time to go to the gym, it is the turn of morning workout. Because of its popularity among the people who love exercising their body, morning session is more preferable than the afternoon. As a result, the people will have easier method to make it as routine workout. The willpower for afternoon or even evening workout is more complicated to do since we have our daily activities such as working or studying, which commonly happen in the morning.  As a result, our body tends to do workouts in the freshest time in the morning. The gym-goers always know how to do the morning workouts.


Morning workouts as the best time to go to the gym offer several benefits that you have to know before deciding them. We have mentioned one of the benefits on previous section by the way. It is good to reduce the snoring. Based on a study, doing morning workout also allows the people who do it to manage and control their appetite easier than people who don’t do it. For your information, the morning exercise with empty stomach is more effective to burn the fat. So, if you are one of obese people, morning workout is the best for you. As we know, American people are mostly encountering obesity in their life. Of course, this should be the best solution for obesity.


In the morning, our muscle isn’t a hundred percent ready after sleeping. Instead, it is in cold condition because of morning bath. As we said earlier, cold muscles aren’t good for working out in the morning. To trick this up, you can do some warming ups firstly to make the muscle warm and flexible. In addition, morning activity may cause some tiredness if you do it excessively. That is why to use appropriate portions of exercise is very important.


The best time to go to the gym is when you can do it consistently and routine. Both morning and afternoon workouts own disadvantages and advantages. It is all up to you in choosing your best time to workouts. If you have already chosen the morning workout, manage the best schedule and do it at the same time every day. Otherwise, afternoon workouts may seem impossible to do if we have a busy morning. Our body might feel tired because of bunches of activities. So, this time requires much effort and intention. Keeping the gym bag on your car is one of the best ways to increase the willpower to go to the gym immediately.