9 Healthy Broccoli Recipes for Your Daily Meal

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Those healthy broccoli recipes may be your guide to reach healthier life than before. As we know, broccoli is a rich vegetable because it contains everything that human need such as fiber, vitamins and many more. Thus, it is reasonable that experts call it the powerhouse of vegetables. In addition, you will never get tired to find this veg since every supermarket all over the world sells it on one of its rack. This magical tree-shaped vegetable can be used for breakfast, lunch, and even dinner. People know how beneficial it is when they put broccoli on their recipes. Check what you can do with it below.

Pesto Broccolini

The first recipe is Pesto Broccolini. We put this as one of our healthy broccoli recipes today is because of the combination of pesto and spice. For your information, pesto is a special sauce that is trusted coming from Genoa, Italy. The sauce is full of traditional ingredients such as garlic, pine nuts, salt, basil leaves, cheese, milk and olive oil. It is undoubtedly full of nutrients and vitamins that are important for our body. In addition, the nutrients of Broccoli are also contained in this recipe. The best part is that you are able to set how spicy it is when cooking this special recipe.

Skinny Orange Chicken Broccoli Recipes

It is such a great idea when we brew chicken and broccoli since many people and even chefs love combining both ingredients as their daily meal. But, this wouldn’t be one of our healthy broccoli recipes after all so that we need to make it healthier somehow. That is by choosing skinny chicken plus oranges. We have to mix those three ingredients with a sauce by the way to add tasteful dish for your lunch or dinner. Skinny chicken is considered healthier since the calories are lower than fat chicken. Moreover, the orange flavor also increases the vitamin from the broccoli.

Cheese Soup with Broccoli

As same as chicken and broccoli, cheese and broccoli always go together for a recipe. We eat soup whenever the extreme weather hits our home like rainy or snowy day. But, cheese soup isn’t enough to get the cold out. Instead, making healthier soup with broccoli within doesn’t only make your body warm but also full of energy. Both ingredients are like a harmony in a song. For your information, this recipe only consists of four ingredients somehow. It’s a perfect recipe when you have no time left to cook your breakfast.

Cheesy Roasted Broccoli Recipe

Another example of cheese and broccoli is our next healthy broccoli recipes. You can go with patties or just some normal bread for them so that it could save your dinner at once. When you think that you need cheesier, a half cup of cheddar also saves your favorite dish. Roasted broccoli is more preferred rather than you just fry and fry it with no reason. Moreover, roasted broccoli has more nutrients remained rather than the fried one. You can also cook it as your lunch if you wish and share with the love ones.

Slight-Pale Broccoli Salad with Cheese and Almonds Recipe

We need the texture of broccoli since we love this vegetable. For your information, it will never so good when your broccoli is too pale or blanched. The best time to blanch your broccoli is only for here minutes. The texture will be maintained as well as the nutrients inside the broccoli. Then, add it with some fried almonds and cheese. Then, this is it. A broccoli salad with its texture comes completely with the cheese and almonds. You won’t know how healthy this salad when you really need a quick breakfast in the morning. The cheese will make the salad tastier.

Chicken and Broccoli Braid Recipe

This is another proof that chicken and broccoli are soul mates. This time, we add another combination from another broccoli’s mate, cheese. The recipe is completely perfect for your meal in the morning and afternoon. The healthy way to treat your food is to add broccoli as your additional ingredients. We got bread and cheese there, which isn’t good with chicken by the way. But, we neutralize the fat of chicken with the helps from broccoli. Eat them slice by slice will make you feel fuller than just eating bread and cheese.

Curried Broccoli Salad

What if your healthy broccoli recipes come with curry? Is it still healthy for your morning breakfast? The answer is absolutely yes. Keep in mind that you blanch the broccoli within three minutes so that the texture and nutrient are still there. Moreover, it is a bit crunchy so that your sleepy morning will be more healed slightly. Broccoli is a good recipe to be a morning breakfast. Mostly, people make it as salad. Moreover, you can make it for your entire family. Just prepare a big bowl and let it out.

Broccoli Beef Recipe

The next healthy broccoli recipes contain beef as the main ingredients. It is kindly difficult to figure out that beef might serve healthy nutrition for our body. We may feel comfy with meat and potatoes combination. But, let’s change our mind that broccoli is actually the best mate of meat. You can change the potatoes with rice so that there is a carb but still at low or manageable level. We can rely on the features of broccoli for sure. In addition, you should pay more attention on your pan when the steak is ready to serve.

Broccoli Pickles Recipe

It may not come from your mind before read this recipe. Pickle is undoubtedly healthy for our body. What if we combine it with the broccoli? Of course, it is far greater than we could imagine before. For your information, this recipe is the best friend of egg roll in your morning. Moreover, it is also perfect way to use your Bento box as well. Pickles consist of 1208 sodium and 23 mg of potassium.  There is no cholesterol and even calorie at all to this lovable pickled cucumber. Make your healthy broccoli recipes vary every day.

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