7 Beauty Tips For Fairness In One Day with Face Mask

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My beauty tips for fairness in one day today is really challenging for those who have no time to deal with some skin problem like acnes, blemishes, black spots, redness, and many more. Why it is challenging because almost all ingredients or tools that I provided here are easy to be found at your home. In other words, you just need to read the tips and the move your body to follow the instructions as simple as that. If you don’t believe it, just read on until the end and you will get the answer as soon as you realize it is very simple to do.

Clean Your Face

The first one thing to do of beauty tips for fairness in one day is to clean your face. Cleaning here refers to several methods. In other words, washing your face with water isn’t enough to get instant fairness. Otherwise, you need a good cleansing product that you believe it is cleanser. It suits with your skin type as well. Do the clean twice a day. They best times are morning and night. Then, use cold water and splash them to your face before everything. Afterwards, apply the cleanser and give a gentle massage to your skin. Cleanse your face after several minutes and use towel to dry it.


The next way to get rid of pollution on our face is by using toner. We just don’t know what kind of pollution that sticks to our face after our daily activities. In case the cleanser can’t do it for us, toner will bring better support for that issue. Once again, I don’t want to recommend a toner product here. Instead, you just believe in your instinct the best toner for your skin. Usually, it contains a slight amount of alcohol and tree extracts. Prepare cotton pads and water before you use the toner. Then, dip the pad to the toner and then apply it to your entire face. Wash your face when you are ready to clean the toner.

Using Moisturizer

The cleaning method isn’t complete without putting moisturizer to these beauty tips for fairness in one day. The toning liquid usually needs a backup from the moisturizer immediately. It means that you should use the moisturizer right after applying toner to your skin. When you need it is at night before you sleep so that tomorrow your skin is ready in fairness for wearing any other cosmetics. This time, you shouldn’t need any water or towel. Just directly pinch your trusted moisturizer to your finger or hand and apply entirely on your face.

The Magical Compact Powder

Not all women are in with heavy makeup. Instead, they just need a compact powder set and they are ready to hit the tough day easily. Compact powder comes with several types such as mineral powder and many more. But I tend to use the mineral one because it is almost transparent so that our fairness and beauty will come naturally. The compact powder product will be offered with the brush or sponge. Just do your girly stuff with them and get the fair face skin all day long.

Wearing Mask

What? Wearing a mask to get fairness instantly is pretty possible and logical as one of beauty tips for fairness in one day. Of course, you shouldn’t wear it all day long. I mean the honey mask that you can make after scavenging in your kitchen. The ingredients are honey, tea and water. That’s simple. It is not a secret anymore that honey is a very good antioxidant source that will remove the toxins easily from our skin as same as the black tea. If you want to exfoliate the dead skin, add rice flour altogether. It will lighten and glow your skin as quick as possible. Here are the ingredients that you should prepare as follow:

Tea (Black Tea is Preferred)

Cold water          a cup

Honey                   a half of teaspoon

Rice Flour            two tablespoons

After those ingredients are ready, put them all in a medium bowl. Then, mix them all until it looks like a paste or stick each other. You can use either your hands or other things to help applying the paste as your mask. Let it dry on your face. If you think it is time to wash the mask, apply the cold water to wash the entire face. You can do for any single day in a week or even twice.


The next remedy of beauty tips for fairness in one day is dealing with orange fruits and curd. For your information, this mixture is perfect against tanned skin. The damaged skin is also the arch-enemy of it by the way. The orange mixture will become a perfect face mask, which also is able to glow the skin. At the same time, the curd works well against the face skin issues like spots, blemishes, and dead skin. That is why I use it as the natural cleanser. To mix those ingredients, you can dry the orange peels firstly alongside the curd. Apply the mixture around fifteen minutes. Then, be happy with the fairer face you will have with the mixture.


The turmeric mixture is the popular face mask among the women all of over the world. I really love the result that I always get from this face pack. Moreover, it is pretty fast and quick. Most women who are being bride always do this ritual before their special day. As same as orange, turmeric also brings lightening and glowing effect to the skin. You can add milk and flour as the moisturizer or cleanser after using the turmeric face mask. The beauty tips for fairness in one day won’t be complete without both mixtures. To mix them all, you should press the turmeric first. Then mix them with milk and flour. After it becomes a paste, apply it to the entire face. The mask will be ready after ten minutes. At last but not least, you can close the opened pores with the help of ice. Scrub the mask with the ice and you are ready with fairness face now.