50 exciting activities you can do with your child during the long holiday

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The school holidays coupled with the holiday are so long. Not all families travel outside the city or abroad. But a vacation at home does not mean just sit back and do nothing, anyway? A good holiday for children of course who use the holidays as one approach in stimulating the development of children in doing new things. That way, the child will feel happy, comfortable, increasing experience of intellectual and emotional intellectual, healthy physical and mental.

Here are 50 exciting activity ideas you can do with your child in the holidays:

  1. Maximize the morning: Get up early, start jogging or a healthy walk around the house complex. Can also take a child with a walk in the city park near the house.
  2. Marathon movies: Prepare pop corn, fresh drinks, and some favorite DVDs or movies that have never been seen with family. Watching a rollicking movie would be more exciting.
  3. Create a scrapbook: Collect old photographs, prepare paper and decorative ornaments and start making scrapbooks. Place old photos in a scrapbook and make it your way.
  4. Traveling around the city: For those of you who live in Jabodetabek, especially Jakarta, will certainly feel the streets quite quiet and quiet. Well, this time can be used for traveling around the city. Take advantage of public transportation such as Transjakarta or a tour bus. You can go to Monas, Kota Tua, or the mall for just window shopping and try new restaurants.
  5. Rearrange the house: Invite children to participate to tidy up the house or rearrange the house with unique and creative decorations
  6. Gardening together: Dirty play-dirt always pleases children. Prepare seeds, seeds, pots or fields to plant a variety of plants. Show how to dig soil, plant or sow seeds. This activity honed rough motor, introducing process and causation.
  7. Caring for pets: If you are raising animals, during the holidays, invite the children to be involved in their care. Give yourself responsibility, and make it fun to do.
  8. Create your own storybook: Prepare an agenda or papers. Then invite your child to write and fill it with things they like, can be text, drawings, or unique objects that can be affixed. With the original idea of the little one, of course.
  9. Paint the wall: Let the child be creative with the color and the thrill of painting. But do not forget to use a mask yes.
  10. Cooking together: Cutting and preparing cooking ingredients to process them will make the child familiar with the daily diet.
  11. Camping in the yard: Invite relatives or friends as young as a toddler. Invite them to set up tents, put up mats, prepare food. Camping will train children to work together, get to know the environment, deal with and solve problems.
  12. Looking for treasure: The child can be challenged to compete to collect items from the list of items agreed upon, with instructions already given. The purpose may vary: knowing the spice of the kitchen, distinguishing organic and inorganic objects, or separating items that can and can not be recycled.
  13. Reading and book-based activities: Reading a child-friendly book together and discussing it is an interesting thing to do in a family vacation. Mother’s father with a child can also play a scene in a story that the child has read. Record with your phone and make it one of the fun family documentation.
  14. Tea party: Invite some friends home to drink tea. Prepare hot tea, sugar with small cups, biscuits or cake. Example how to pour tea water, stirring sugar, holding a cup and sipping tea politely. This activity trains the child to host and learn a shared drinking etiquette.
  15. Painting T-shirts: Give her an unused T-shirt and colorful markers or paintbrushes with paint colors. Activities will stimulate the imagination, fine motor, and aesthetics through the selection of combinations and color gradations.
  16. Sorting out toy books and clothes to share with the less fortunate can also be fun. Many lessons share and empathy also in it.
  17. Pursuing a goal: What has been done by the little guy to do, and not yet? Riding a bicycle, or swimming? Let’s make it happen in his time off!
  18. Car free day: Take a cycling child or a walk on the highway, in the middle of town, between a skyscraper, which is usually just a car.
  19. Traditional markets: The jumbled aromas of fresh fish, cooked foods and vegetables will give the child a different sense of smell than shopping to the supermarket. In addition to knowing money and transact, children also know various textures by holding and choosing foodstuffs such as fish, fruits and vegetables. Make this opportunity to introduce children to traditional handmade like cenyl, tiwul, ketan urab and so on.
  20. Traditional games: Remember squat plots and hide and seek or kites and marbles? This traditional game, engrossed in the afternoon played in the yard or field near the house. Invite your child’s playmates. Rough motor sharpening, socialization and strategy.
  21. Massage: All holiday activities certainly make children tired. It’s time to give him a massage. Take it to a professional massage therapist or massage yourself. Your massage will relax and sleep. Tomorrow she’s ready to go back on the move!
  22. Watch the movie: Choose a movie suitable for children. Enjoying a movie on the big screen with a thunderous voice will be an exciting experience. This activity teaches children to follow and appreciate the rules such as sitting in a predetermined seat, not making a fuss, and learning to concentrate
  23. Museum: Choose a museum that can make children interested like Transport Museum, in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Jakata. In this museum the child will get information about the various means of transportation that have been used from time to time.
  24. Visiting the animal shelter: Now there are some abandoned animal shelters that can be visited. Invite children to play and share there. Who knows coming home from there you can adopt the animal.
  25. Toys from clay: Children have a high imagination and usually love to create unique objects. Encourage your child to make toys from clay and let them be free to express and work.
  26. Visiting old friends or distant relatives: In addition to establishing relationships with those who have not met, children learn to socialize and get to know new people.
  27. The workshops of used goods: There are cardboard, styrofoam, used bottles, unused tissue rolls at home? Let’s make our own toys and take advantage of them. The idea is a lot, really, from the internet.
  28. Learn photography: Teach your child like a photographer, to take any picture that he thinks is good and you can also ask him to take your photos.
  29. Main bowling: There is rarely a chance to gather with family. Take advantage to go to the bowling alley. Exciting, can also give a new lesson for your child.
  30. Art performances: Can also go to the venue, such as puppet show, puppet, theater or operetta. Besides exciting, it will also make family time different.
  31. Open house: Prepare activities with friends or relatives who are also not going anywhere. Can be a drawing class, theater or even cooking creations. This can even be a routine activity that lasted not only once, you know.
  32. Learning fairy tales: Storytelling alternately at home, not only can train the motor power of the brain, especially in children, but also increase the warmth in the family.
  33. Picnic: Could be a picnic to be a favorite activity that can be done with family. Prepare food and go picnic with family.
  34. Going outbound: Occasional outbound with family is worth a try. The excitement of climbing trees, crawling under the net and other games, will foster cooperation and mutual trust in the family.
  35. Washing the car: Anyway the car wash together more exciting and fun. In addition, make faster finish, so it can allocate time for other activities.
  36. Go to the library: There are many interesting readings available in the library. In order for time off can also be used to add insight, reading with family in the library seems exciting to do.
  37. Making Popsicles: The hot weather is inherently wanted to eat the cold. Just invite the family to make popsicles, like from fruit juice at home.
  38. Singing and dancing. You are good at playing a musical instrument? Do not waste it. Because children can be taught and invited to sing along while dancing and even make their own performances to be recorded.
  39. Play in the dark: Dab a light, and play with a flashlight. You can make a show with the shape of a hand, or even bunch paper and make a constellation.
  40. Swimming together: Water play is always fun, is not it?
  41. Following the holiday program: Did not have time to explore interest during school? Various communities are held during the holidays can be an attractive choice for children. Following these activities can open the eyes of children about various areas of talent, even interacting with peers with the same passion.
  42. Working: Holidays can be a child’s opportunity to get to know the profession in the field of talent he is engaged in. “Internship” becomes one of the choices of children’s activities to get to know their talents or to know other professions that might inspire them. No need to fancy, Daddy can contact relatives, friends, even neighbors who want to give children the opportunity to learn as simple as anything. Pet feeding, washing cars for example.
  43. Dinner in the yard: When the yard is adequate, make a fun moment with your family. Use a small table for dinner outside. For lighting, use candles. Invite the children to prepare for their activities since the afternoon.
  44. Play together games: Playing games with family is also fun and exciting. Game in question does not have to be merely a video game, console, or computer. You can buy game board at the nearest toy store. Board games can hone creativity and intelligence of children
  45. Observe the surroundings: Go around the complex and look for insects, leaves, flowers, study them one by one and get to know them more deeply with the help of books or the internet. Jam, learning socialization by knowing neighbors can also be done.
  46. Learn simple science: Lots of science science from around us. Could by making a mountain erupt from baking soda and vinegar. Or make lava lamp.
  47. Swap rewards: Encourage the child to exchange gifts with you. For example go to the supermarket together, then let the child pick and wrap the gift yourself for you. The story is shocking.
  48. Sharing cakes with neighbors: The results of cooking, can also be shared to neighbors or the people around. Security guards, sweepers, garbage man, for example. Encourage the child to neatly wrap them around and share them.
  49. Go around handing out food for animals, or setting up bird feeding places: You can buy fish, or meat or dried-out foods for cats and dogs around the house. Can also buy bird food, then create with a bottle to make a place to eat birds.
  50. Learning color, and counting in nature: Foliage, flowers and twigs, animals, soil, rocks, all can be utilized for learning, you know …

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