4 Face Yoga Exercises to Make Your Face like After-Doing Facelift Surgery

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4 Face Yoga Exercises to Make Your Face like After-Doing Facelift Surgery

Those face yoga exercises will make your face as well as facelift. Yes, I talk about how to do facelift with very cheap and traditional way by using face yoga. If you still don’t in what you are reading now, you are one of plenty people that disbelieve with my article today. But, yes I keep convincing you all here and that is the reason why I made this article. In the end, you might consider working out right here right now with those essential yoga exercises. As its name, face yoga only relates with your face. There will be no chaturangas or anything that we usually find at yoga exercises.

The principles of these face yoga exercises are only to move and work your face muscles in gaining and achieving tight face appearance. It is pretty simple to do even a grandma might be able to follow these exercises. The result is amazing by the way. You can have the new face like after conducting a surgery facelift. If you aren’t sure about that, why don’t you follow the exercises after reading this article then? For your information, a daily workout with these face yoga will tighten and lift your face entirely.

Forehead Smoother

The first one of face yoga exercise is regarding to the forehead. As we know, we usually work at something that makes our head heavy. Moreover, it is really giving much tension to our forehead as well. On the medical segment, wrinkles always love sweeping our forehead as same as the acnes. As a result, we look older than our age. This exercise will help you to avoid those wrinkles and acnes. It is such an anti-aging tool in very natural way. How to do this yoga face? Let’s see the instructions step by step below:

Use your both hands as a fist. Then, place both hands in the center your forehead. You can also put your knuckles of mid and index finger right in the middle of the forehead. Then, put on firm pressure or massage on the area. After that, you can move your fists or knuckles slowly to the opposite direction. Keep maintaining the pressure by the way. Press the knuckles until the front of your ear. Please repeat this movement a few times. That’s all what you have to do. Your wrinkles will be disappear in a few days or weeks as same as facelift.

Neck Lift

The next one of face yoga exercises regarding the neck lift problem is also neck lift face exercise. As we know, people are suffering with obesity these days. The effect isn’t only at the obsessive stomach, but also our neck. The problem is usually called double chin. Double chin is where the part behind your chin is larger than your actual chin. This is usually caused by the fat. For your information, this face yoga workout will tighten your neck as well as the jawline. It will also avoid the sagging of the double chin’s symptom.  Let’s see how to do this exercise below.

Actually, there are many exercises that you can do for these face yoga exercises. However, these instructions are the most effective one. First of all, shrink your double lips into a side to the front. After you feel stretched cheek, it is time to direct it to the left or right. Once you pick a side, turn or move your head in the same direction with it and lift up for forty-five degree of angles. This time, you will feel stretched neck now. Wait for two or three seconds and repeat to another side. Do this for four or five times in a day. See the result for a week.

Face Lift

If there is a neck lift, there will be a face life too. This one of face yoga exercises will flatten the laugh lines on your face. It is also well known as the nasolabial fold lines. However, this exercise also turns the cheeks and eyes as well so that your face will look younger than before. Face yoga is really easy to do. You can even do the exercise whenever and wherever you want. But, the most important point is to be consistent in working out these exercises every day so that you can get what you planned before, in this case a natural facelift.

How to do face life yoga exercise is pretty simple. Prepare your both palms. Place them in the front of your ears or temples. Push both hands simultaneously. Give much pressure by lifting up and down your hand. Now, prepare your mouth and turn your lips to be O shape. Move your jaw down so that you feel that you have longest face in the world. Wait and hold the position for three to five seconds. Repeat the exercise for three and four times.

The Eye Lift

Last but not least, we will do the face yoga exercises with regard to your eye. As same as the previous face lift exercise, the benefit of this yoga exercise is to tighten the drooping eyelids under your eyes. Moreover, it also makes better smile lines as well. Drooping eyelids become the worst problem for women these days. It is when the skin under the eyes is being dropped and black. As a result, their face look is similar with Panda’s face. Don’t worry girls because I have the solution for you after this paragraph.

Prepare your shoulders first. You can do some warming ups before doing these face yoga exercises. After that, push the shoulders to downside and raise one of your arms up. Place the fingertips to your temples or in front of your ears but still keep the arm up. Lift your face by pushing down the fingertips so that your head is also dropping down to the shoulder. Hold the position while you also breathe from your mouth. While you turn back the head position, you can exhale again with your mouth. Turn the same exercise with other side. Hopefully, you will achieve what you are doing with these face yoga exercises.