3 Best Poses of Yoga For Healthy Aging

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Yoga for healthy aging means that yoga is for everyone at any age. Yes, this is the truth that you might not believe before read the sentence before. The matter is that you have to pick what yoga types that you are going to do. It doesn’t matter how old you are now because yoga has many exercises and movements that are suitable for older people. In addition, mastering yoga exercises is also easy. You only need to do it couple times a day in several weeks. The benefits are also plenty. It keeps your body as flexible as your younger age.

Yoga is like a magical move because its low-impact and easy movements are able to bring better future for your healthy. According to a study, humans are going to lose a half-pound or more of their muscle every year if they don’t do any training or workout throughout the year. It means that doing low exercise like yoga will keep the strength of bone and muscle especially for those who aren’t young any longer. Moreover, you don’t even need any equipment in doing yoga. It isn’t a secret anymore that yoga includes people from young to old age. Here are some exercises of yoga for healthy aging that you can do even you aren’t young anymore.

Tree Pose

The first yoga exercise that proves that yoga for healthy aging is the tree pose. As same as its name, tree pose takes the philosophy to the tree, which brings balance to the world. But, this exercise gives the balance to your body as long as you are able to prevent falls from your position. The benefit of this exercise is to increase the balance both your body and mind. If you feel familiar with the pose, you will notice that it is one of trademark of yoga itself. Literally, you challenge yourself to stand with only one of your legs. Here is how to do it.

Prepare your legs, arms and head. Gather your arms together and make the palms touched each other. Raise your palms over your head. After that, you start raising one of the legs, left of right. Do it very slowly and don’t raise it quickly because you will be easier to be falls. Place the raised leg to the back of other leg around the ankle. Wait and hold the position for thirty seconds if you can. The point is to balance the body. Repeat the same movement with other leg. Make it as slow as possible. Don’t be too harsh. It is okay if you hold onto something due your age. Rest your legs after doing it couple times.

Warrior II

The Warrior II is another proof of yoga for healthy aging. The key point is at the standing pose that you can gain from the first and second poses of yoga. For your information, standing pose aids the users to strengthen the density of their bones and the lower body like tight, hips, legs and ankle. If there is Warrior II, there should be Warrior I.  However, the Warrior I isn’t preferred for the senior ones. Thus, I recommend using the Warrior II because it isn’t too difficult to do too. Moreover, Warrior II doesn’t require the users to raise the arms too high so that it is safe than the Warrior I. let’s check how you can do it with that.

To do the Warrior II, prepare your arms and legs first. After that, you can place your feet as same as your hip. Make sure you are in the most comfortable standing position before going to the next move. Then, step to the right direction with the right feet about three or four feet from your position. Keep the position in line with the left feet. You are going to make a ninety-degree angle with your both legs. Lift your arms straight with your shoulder to the sides.it is just like stretching your arms. While you are raising arms, you do inhale breathing. Exhale the breath and bend one of your legs as parallel as the floor. This position will keep another leg in straight position. Hold for thirty seconds and repeat the same pose with other leg.

Extended Puppy

The next pose of yoga for healthy aging is a combination between two popular poses in yoga so far, child’s pose and downward dog. The benefits of extended puppy are to expanding your backbone with natural and comfortable movements of yoga so that the knees and hips aren’t hurting you after the exercises. For your information, some yoga poses don’t work comfortably especially since you aren’t young any longer. Thus, choosing proper pose or exercise is necessary before you did it.

Extended puppy requires all of your body movements entirely. In other words, it also requires much energy. Ensure you have done warming up before following these instructions. First off, sit on the floor with the legs under your butt. Extend your both arms to the front and start kissing the floor (don’t kiss the floor for real). Let the knees under your hips and your wrist as down as the shoulder. Manage the position as comfort as possible. You can move your hands to the front if necessary. Then, the head position mustn’t at the higher position than the shoulder. Push the arms and palms to the floor. Maintain the pose for ten to twenty seconds. Go back to the sitting position and do it couple times more.


That is all three poses that may give you proof that yoga for healthy aging is really matter. These poses are good for the old ones although the young can also do these poses for their better future. Those yoga poses are made for everyone by the way. But still, the senior people will always be able to do yoga at their age too. There isn’t restriction in yoga. Instead, your body will healthier than those who never do any exercises or workouts including yoga in their entire life. So, move your body with simple yoga  poses that I have shown before.

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