23 Ways to Whiten the Agency Naturally and Permanently the Most Powerful

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Both women and some men would want to have clean white skin so that the appearance will look more interesting and fresh. Many women even assume that having white skin is a pride because it is something that makes them more beautiful. Because skin bleaching products are quite a lot of harmful and less reliable, how to whiten the body naturally became a target.

Injections of certain compounds or called white injections are sometimes an option for some people so that the skin becomes white instantly. Many beauticians certainly recommend how to whiten such a body, but natural ones are always much better. Side effects are guaranteed to be very small when you choose a natural step.

1.Using Radish

If radish is usually used as a food ingredient, radish seems to save the extraordinary benefits in making skin body whiter. Besides can buy it for cooking, use also as a skin care ingredient body. Brightening the skin using radishes should also be added with lemon and olive oil.

How : Take radish as much as 1-2 sticks, then do not forget also lime and olive oil. Clean the radishes, then grate or blend until tender. Squeeze lemon and olive oil to taste can be added and you mix it to form a cream like pasta. It is this paste that you can spread to the whole body that you want to bleach; rinse after 30 minutes.

2.Utilizing Rice Water

One of the tips to make a white skin naturally is to use a simple water potion of rice. If you usually dispose of rice water, this time you can try to use to care for the skin because vitamin B is contained in it including high. These vitamins will help make dead skin cells lift and regenerate perfectly. In addition to whiter, brighter and shine, the skin surface will also be made smoother than before.

How : Provide the best quality rice about 6 tablespoons. Continue by putting it in a container that you have given water. Shake until the water changes like milk. Take the cotton which you can then dip into the water of the rice, then apply the cotton to all areas of the body just after bathing. Wait approximately for 1 hour and when it starts to feel stiff, use cold water to rinse.

3. Wearing Yogurt

Yogurt is usually a good food for diet and digestive system. But it turns yogurt to whiten the skin is also just as effective because yogurt has the ability to support the exfoliation and cleaning stains. Even signs of premature aging can also be diminished as it helps regenerate skin cells.

How : Yogurt bargain is the best, so provide sufficient. In order for more thickened texture, please mix with a little honey. For treatment, use warm water to rinse face and body parts to bleach. Apply this yogurt and leave it for half an hour to absorb, then use cold water to rinse.

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4. Using turmeric

This one natural material is already very popular in India because of its benefits in improving skin tone and forming melanin. Turmeric is excellent in brightening and stabilizing skin tone, even with its antioxidant and antiseptic properties can also keep skin healthy.
How : To brighten or whiten body skin, provide milk cream and turmeric powder to taste. Mix these two ingredients and then apply them to the areas of body skin you want to whiten. Once it really feels dry on the skin, you can use warm water to rinse it. For results as expected, repeat this way of treatment on a daily basis on a regular basis.

5. Utilizing White Eggs

Skin care using egg whites has been quite popular lately and no longer weird for you to try. Many Korean and Japanese women use this material as a mask regardless of the fishy smell. Protein is the highest content and this is the nutrient that will make the regeneration of new skin cells faster.

How : Prepare duck eggs or chicken eggs, separate yellow and white first. Egg whites can then be whipped until white and frothy, add honey also according to your needs and preferences. Once so, apply to the whole body to bleach every after bathing. Wait 30 minutes before finally rinsed with warm water.

6. Wearing Tomatoes

Not only how to whiten the body naturally, tomatoes can be a safe ingredient that is used as a way to whiten the feminine area . Its high vitamin E content assures that this vitamin is able to produce more collagen, regenerate skin cells, and fade black spots naturally and safely.

How : Provide a tomato 1 fruit that can then be washed clean. Split the tomato into 2 parts, then gently rub into the area of the body you want to whiter. After the process of polishing or scrubbing, wait half an hour for the new impregnation rinsed using cold water until completely clean. Perform routine every day for maximum white.

7. Make Potions from Bananas and Honey

Honey and bananas can be a great combination and a tremendous benefit to get white, smooth and healthy skin. There is a high content of vitamin C in bananas, so it is certain that bananas can whiten the skin of the body optimally.

The trick : Prepare the plantains or other types are also allowed, then also honey can not be left behind. Bananas can you puree first using a spoon until smooth new honey can be added. After the herb looks like a paste, you can smear the skin of the body using this herb. Allow half an hour and rinse thoroughly with cold water.

8.Using Avocado

Avocado is not only delicious juice drinks are added with milk and chocolate, but this fruit is also good for skin care. Good fats and glutamine contained in it and even high enough so as to whiten the skin and overcome the dry skin. Vitamin A content is high so it can regenerate skin cells.

How : Provide avocado meat as necessary, or usually only about 1 cup only. To form a paste, you need honey as well as mixture. After bathing, you can mask this mask to the body evenly, wait about 25 minutes. Next, use cold water for the rinsing process.

9.Utilizing Lime

To brighten or whiten body skin, lime is a natural ingredient precisely that should not be forgotten. Instead of choosing white injections that have harmful side effects, utilizing lime is definitely much safer. Because it contains high vitamin C, the skin can be enlightened, even dead skin cells lifted easily and regenerate.

How : Prepare lime juice is still fresh as much as 1-2 pieces, then cut into 2 parts. Continue with the squeeze, and the lime juice is what you can use to be applied to the body while massaging it 10 seconds. Wait half an hour before you can finally rinse with cold water.
Although it has been rinsed clean using water, usually for the first use will cause a feeling of pain in the skin. Do not be surprised too if it appears reddish like a rash, but obviously this effect is fairly reasonable. It’s just that, when the redness and tenderness do not go away, this indicates skin irritation, so stop using as soon as possible.

10. Wearing Lemon and Salt

Both of these ingredients are really good to be combined as a natural body bleach. If you are less confident about bleach products, make your own scrubs using these two ingredients. Not just whiten and make the skin brighter, this scrub is able to overcome the wrinkles, acne, and excess oil on the body and face.

How : Provide enough salt and not need much, then also lemon juice as much as 2 tablespoons. Both of them should you mix evenly and the results that you can rub into the area of skin that you want to enlighten. The recommended scrubbing process is 10-15 seconds, then afterwards use warm water to rinse.

11.Combine Coffee and Sugar

As a caffeinated beverage, coffee is not good for people with hypertension. But precisely because of the caffeine content that can make coffee useful. The benefits of coffee for facial and body skin is no doubt as long as you mix it with sugar to be a perfect scrub.

How : Take coffee powder as you usually consume and provide sufficient. Mix into warm water and also add 2 teaspoons of sugar. Once finished, this scrub mixture can be rubbed into areas of the body that you want to treat evenly. Rinse with warm water after 10-15 seconds of rubbing process.

12.Mixing Eggs and Limes

If you already know how to use your own egg white and also lime yourself, this time you need to combine it. Because both are well-known for brightening skin and lifting dead skin, it’s good for you to try to mix to make natural cream.

How : Both materials can be mixed evenly, followed by heating then use the pan. When it looks solid, lift and let it cool first. After that move to another container, then after the cream you can rub to the body before bathing. Suggestion of use is a day 2 times for 15 minutes, then rinse when bathing.

13. Wear Lemon Juice

Content of astringent properties that can tighten the skin and reduce excess oil production, lemon juice was able to whiten the skin. Because it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, it is not wrong if the extract or juice can help regenerate new skin cells safely.

How : All you need is lemon and cotton. After juice you squeeze, use cotton and then dipped into the juice. After that apply directly to the body area you want to whiten. Wait about half an hour before you clean it using plain water. Repeat this kind of treatment every day so that the results can be maximized.

14. Using Almond Oil

Other natural ingredients that are fit for use as your body skin whitener are almond oils that are rich in vitamin B2, B6 and vitamin E. The content of niacinamide is also high so it will reduce the risk of unexpected skin pigmentation. Besides being able to whiten, the annoying black spots will also be blurred.

How : Provide almond oil is needed, then warm first before you can spread to parts of the body you want to care. When greasing, give gentle massage also for 10-15 minutes to absorb perfect. Repeat this treatment every day until the results appear, then continue the week 2-3 times only. The recommended application is before bedtime.

15. Wearing Milk

Benefits of milk for facial and body skin has been so much heard and this time you also should not miss this one material. Calcium content in the susulah that would be a normal skin color regulator. Lactic acid is also able to help reduce the potential for skin pigmentation while enlightening it as well.

How : Heat a cup of milk first before being used for treatment. Provide a clean cloth or towel that you can dip it into the warm milk. Apply to the dull and black skin while gently massaging for 3-5 minutes. Everyday this way should be repeated around for 2 weeks for the best results.

16. Utilizing the Murbei Extract

Actually it is quite common to find mulberry extracts on a number of cosmetic products. The benefits are enormous in making tyrosinase activity inhibited, even capable of determining the production of melanin. Dark pigmentation usually begins precisely from uncontrolled tyrosinase activity so that melanin synthesis increases during melanoma.

Here’s how : Whitening skin with this material is quite simple, you just need a mulberry extract along with the usual lotion you use. This extract can be directly added to your skin lotion. After mixed, you just smeared as usual to the skin of the body. In a day, you can repeat the treatment 2 times for maximum results.

17. Using Honey

If previously you need to mix honey with bananas that have been smoothed first, this time only the honey alone that you can use. In addition to whiten, honey is very good in moisturizing the skin and regenerate skin cells. Acne, scars, and black spots will be overcome by their antibacterial properties.

The trick : Get organic pure honey and take enough for you to apply to the dark skin. After applying evenly, wait 3-5 minutes can be rinsed using warm water. Daily use is recommended for quick skin to be white, brighter and look younger.

18. Wearing Aloe Vera

There is a good content in the aloe vera that not only moisturizes and softens the skin, but also enlightens naturally. Aloesin compounds are what you can count on as an inhibitor of tyrosinase activity. Aloe vera or aloe vera also keeps the antioxidant properties that will nourish the skin.

How : Take aloe vera extract, which is in the form of gel that you can usually get from the stem leaves. After the gel is taken, just apply it to all parts of your dark skin. In a day, do this treatment 4 times and after 2 weeks you can see the results. After the result, continue with daily treatment twice a month.

19. Using Oatmeal

In addition to being a good breakfast of people with high cholesterol and heart disease, oatmeal is able to care for the skin as well. The growth of new skin cells can be increased using oatmeal so that when there are new skin cells, automatic skin color becomes whiter and brighter.

How : Provide oatmeal along with tomato juice where they can be mixed. A mixture of both can you apply to the skin of the body, then leave approximately 20 minutes. Use cold water to rinse thoroughly while gently rubbing your skin to remove dead skin cells. Skin will feel more elastic, supple and smooth.

20. Wearing Papaya

Another natural way that is right for you to try because it is very simple dalah use papaya containing natural bleach properties. In papaya fruit, there are many nutrients that would be very reliable in giving your body skin a natural light.

How : 1 papaya fruit you can prepare that can be used for treatment from outside or from within. For outside treatments, take a piece of papaya for you to rub into your skin. Wait for dry within minutes, then use cold water as a rinse. In order to get the best results, you can try to eat papaya also every day because it also nourish the body and skin as a whole.

21. Utilizing Potatoes

In fact, it is more appropriate to say that the juice or extract alone can be used from potatoes to whiten the skin. The nature of natural bleach can be found in these high carbohydrate foods. Vitamin C in it is so high that can make the skin bright and clean from dead skin cells.

How : Provide enough potatoes, then peel and cut into pieces. Take the juice or extract which you then smear gently to the dark skin of yours. The process can be by rubbing a piece of potato into the body and let the juice seep into the skin for 15-20 minutes. Clean it with water and do this treatment twice a week.

22. Using Cucumber

There are many tips for the skin to be white naturally and fresh, but one of them is to use a cucumber. With this material also, your skin can be made more supple because it can bind collagen in the body. Skin color will be more luminous and look more attractive.

How : Slice the cucumber you have prepared, then apply it to the skin you want to enlighten. Or alternatively, you can apply it to the skin so that the juice or extract is absorbed perfectly into the skin rather than just paste it. Wait 10-15 minutes before it can be cleaned; use warm water for rinsing. Day care 2 times is the best.

23. Wearing Bearberry Extract

Ever heard of uva-ursi plants? This plant has bearberry extract and contains natural skin lightening properties. Active compounds in this extract there are only two, namely hydroquinone and arbutin. Melanin can be inhibited and the skin can be enlightened remarkably.

How : Provide bearberry extract as well as lotions that you usually use every day. The extract you need to add and mix to the lotion you want to use. After mixing, apply to your skin regularly for the maximum natural white body.

That’s how to whiten the body naturally the most powerful thing you can practice at home. Without having expensive treatments, you can use these traditional ways for the skin of the body brighter and more interesting.

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