22 The Most Exciting Activity When You are Bored at home

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Many people assume that being alone at home is a tedious thing so they choose to go outdoors for pleasure or to go on holiday. But if our financial situation is critical, what is it to push yourself? Relax, there is nothing that makes us sad if we want to think creative, positive, and innovative.

 Do you feel bored, tired, miserable, and confused at home during the holidays or do not have activities outside of school hours? Try doing these fun activities to make your life worthwhile, rather than silent and unproductive:
1. Redecorating the rooms
Redecorating the room is useful to make us fresh when we are in our room. The look and the new order will make us more love with our own room. So in the future we will not feel bored again when at home.

2. Washing clothes and dishes
This does not mean we are a helper. Washing your own clothes and used dishes that had just been used turned out to make our time so missed. Tired? Initially like that, but gradually will be used and useful for our body that lack of exercise.

3. Watch movies via laptop
Bored with old movies? Please you previously went to buy tapes, downloads, or copies of friends. Find a movie that suits your taste so that your time will feel faster.

4. Watching news on tv
Do not get less updates about events outside the home. In addition we know the latest info, watching news is also useful so the article blogging.

5. Watching tv shows that do not educate
Sometimes a non-educational spectacle is worth watching. Some even say that the broadcast is not quality, but still watch it until it runs out, even curious about the continuation. Hayo admit it!

6. Internetan as much
Open instagram, facebook, twitter, path, back to intagram, facebook, twitter, path, just keep on until touch your HP broke. Later if conscious touch was broken, the lyrics of the clock was already late afternoon.

7. Clean the private vehicle
In addition to killing time, the habit of cleaning private vehicles can also reduce expenses using vehicle wash services.

8. Cook anything
Free. Want to cook fried rice, water, boiled noodles, eggs, and whatever, it’s up to you. Sometimes this activity can also make you a good cook if you want to experiment with trying new menus. Who knows your future become a master chef because of this habit?

9. Sleep as much
It does not mean to forget your obligations. Tips from me, “Finish first all obligations, after that sleep as much”.

10. Clean the house
Clean is the base of health. Seen also nice, feels comfortable, of course not shy if there is a neighbor to go home to visit.

11. Make handicrafts
The craft you want to make can be searching over the internet. Find the easy first and if there are benefits, for example: bookcases, lamp decorations, pencil containers, and others. Tips on this one in addition to eliminate boredom, it can also be used as a business.

12. Operation of damaged objects
Look for objects that are considered damaged. Then try to fix it yourself. Who knows the damage to your property caused by trivial things, like a broken cable. Is it just a matter of broken cable alone you can not fix it yourself? Ckckck

13. Drink coffee, smoke, while viewing the outdoors on the balcony
Due to the house belonging to my parents in front of the rice fields lies wide, so it is still nice to see the beautiful scenery from the balcony. See the sights, coffee, and smoking became a fun activity done at home. Especially if the added fried banana.

14. Play the game
For me the interesting game is the RPG theme game. But it’s all up to you. Play whatever games you like best.

15. Feeding pets
It seems to be easy to do. But, if you never do it is a lie. While feeding we can also play with pets.

16. Chatingan with girlfriend
It’s special that has a partner. Gebetan also allowed. Wife / husband even better. This is done to strengthen the relationship of romance. Long reply? Forbearance, everyone has their own busyness which not all of us know about.

17. Snacking while watching tv
Not only me, maybe you do it too often. Fun indeed, but it feels a bit less if there is no drinking. Let not drag in the throat gitu.lol.

18. Turn on the music
If you are alone, maybe with this activity can eliminate your boredom. You can listen to music or songs via radio, laptop, hp, PC, and more. Choose your favorite song. If I usually play music with the theme of romance and hard.

19. Painting or drawing
Art is free. Just abstract or doodle can also. Then compare your previous work. Usually the more often you do the better your work. It’s a matter of habit.

20. Bath
Weekend or vacation somehow so lazy to take a shower. But if we take a bath, the brain feels fresh. The body is also not as rigid as before. Fresh body, mind stretching alias work.

21. Get friends to come home
Main out of the house is usually done for greetings to meet friends in the hangout. But to reduce the expenditure and the contents of the wallet is also thin (especially the family), it would be nice to meet friends at home. Wallet safe, social way.

22. Write and create material for blog articles
Especially who likes blogging only. But if you also want to be a blogger is also not a problem. Lol. Who knows because this activity you can generate income or money. Housewives like me a lot of who become bloggers. You can also try it!

Well, that’s 22 things or fun activities that you can do when lonely, bored, or unlimited while at home alone. Maybe for those of you who like selfie or create a video can also play editing, then photos or videos uploaded in social media.

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